Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Argan Oil Recipe - Mozzarella And Tomato Salad

Argan Oil Recipe - Mozzarella And Tomato Salad  You might find the tast of Argan oil delightful.
Recipe for salad: Ingredients: 2 Ripe Tomatoes 2 Mozzarella Balls 3 Anchovies with Oil (marinated anchovies can be bought from most delis / supermarkets ) 1 Dessert spoon (2 teaspoons or 2/3 tablespoon) of Argan Oil Salt and ground white pepper to season
-Cut tomatoes and the mozzarella into slices. -Lay out anchovies and their oil on top of the salad Season. -Finally dress with the argan oil Serve immediately Serve as an accompaniment to a main dish of chicken or fish.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

WHFoods: Spelt

WHFoods: Spelt
A wonderfully nutritious and ancient grain with a deep nutlike flavor, spelt is a cousin to wheat that is recently receiving renewed recognition. Spelt products can be found in your local health food store year-round.